Why Yoga is Good for Health – Unexpected Benefits of Yoga

Why Yoga is Good for Health? The concept of Yoga is not new for us. Yoga has been connected with us for ages. However, there was a time that we had completely forgotten Yoga.

What should man aspire to in his life, the answer is furnished in Yoga and Yoga alone has the potentiality to give what we expect of life. That’s why we should adopt yoga in our life.

A large number of websites have been online which is related to Yoga. However, most of these websites have been providing keeping in view those who plan to exclusively devote themselves to Yoga but what about those people who do not know the benefits of yoga and do not know what it is used in our life?

Keeping this in mind, we have created yogaasanasonline.com which will not only tell you the unexpected health benefits of yoga but will also give you step by step information of every yoga asanas.

What is Yoga & Why is Important in Our Daily LifeĀ 

Yoga is not only just a set of exercises but also a complete medical therapy, which has been propounded by the ancient Hindu sages. Due to its medicinal properties, all the Yoga experts and doctors have praised Yoga.

In fact, we erred in understanding the true meaning of Yoga and remained under a mistaken belief that Yoga was meant only for the Yogis and that it was not for the common man.

As a result, Yoga soon became a forgotten body of knowledge and thus began a dark era. During this unhappy time, mankind, out his ignorance, suffered too much. Now, to provide relief to mankind, Yoga has taken re-birth in this century.

There are a number of exercises to keep the body healthy, e.g. gymnastics, judo, karate, different sports, combat exercises, swimming, morning walk, etc. Then why Yoga? The arguments in favour of this question we describe the detailed benefits of Yoga in our daily life.

Why Yoga for Good Health – 6 Major Benefits of Yoga

  1. Yoga is a set of inexpensive exercises, requiring no equipment. Moreover, no lifting, pulling, pushing or pressing of equipment is required. You require neither a helping hand nor open ground. Therefore, Yoga is a self-sufficient system for improvement and development of the body and mind.
  2. Yoga can be performed by all – the poor, the rich, the old, the young, the strong, the weak, the married, the unmarried. There is no restriction of caste, race, community, or nationality.
  3. When one performs Yoga postures (asanas), the parts of the body are not over-worked. Similarly, there is no over-use of body power.
  4. The primary objective of Yoga postures is to remove tiredness. In contrast, other exercises tire the body.
  5. Yoga postures strengthen the digestive system and cleanse the stomach thoroughly.
  6. Yoga corrects eating habits and makes the mind restful. Therefore, both body and mind get complete and permanent health.

What is the Objective of Yoga?

Yoga is a way of life. Its main objective is to achieve spiritual fulfillment and freedom of the soul. According to traditional Indian philosophy, the primary purpose of Yoga is spiritual attainment. However, this attainment can be had only when the body is free from diseases and is active. That is why our ancestors discovered the methods described in Yoga.

According to Yoga literature, the mind affects the body more than the body affects the mind. Mankind today is suffering from so much mental pressure and tension as he never experienced in history. In fact, the man has become a victim of the field of technological and financial progress.

Tension and anxiety are the prices that mankind paid to live in a society that we call ‘civilized’. In fact, Yoga has been devised to make the human body healthy and disease-free. Whenever the materialistic progress tried to trap mankind in its web, the Indian sage has come forward to find a way out of the trap.

Yoga is not just a set of exercises, but such science, which can help us get rid of a number of dangerous diseases. Yoga is one of the necessities of life. In Yoga, we can find solutions to each of our problems.

Diseases like hypertension, heart diseases, stomach ailments, headache, etc, which are generated by mental tension, can be easily cured with the help of Yoga Postures and Asanas.

With all these qualities and benefits of Yoga, you must have realized how yoga has to contribute to our daily life and how much it has value in our life. So in the end we will say that you should also make yoga a part of your life so that you can live a happy life.

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