Vakra Dhyana Asana – Posture of the Crane

Vakra Dhyana Asana – Posture of the Crane

Vakra Dhyana Asana is yoga posture which is very beneficial for strong muscles. In this position, the shape of the body is like that of the crane (a bird with the crooked neck generally found near water bodies). That is why this yoga posture has been named the Posture of the Crane.

How to do Vakra Dhyana Asana

Touch the palms of both hands to ground. Place both the knees near the forearms. Thereafter, raise both the feet above ground. This posture is known as the Posture of the crane.

Benefits of Vakra Dhyana Asana

Practice of this posture strengthens and provides flexibility to the muscles of the arms, palms, wrists, shoulders and the back. The body parts become shapely and strong. This posture makes the muscles and the veins healthy and strong. It broadens the chest. Fat is removed around the waist and stomach ailments are cured.

While in this posture, one should breath normally. Initially, this posture can be performed for 5 to 10 seconds. This period can slowly be increased to upto 30 seconds.

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Those suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure) or mental disorders, should not practice this posture.

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