Vakra Asana – Benefits, How to Do (Posture of the Spinal Twist)

Vakra Asana – The Posture of the Spinal Twist

In this posture, the spine is twisted to one side. This Posture, which is preliminary to the Semi-Spinal Twist Postures (Ardha Matseyendra Asana) prepares the practitioners for the Spinal Twist Posture, which has been described later.

How to do Vakra Asana

  1. Sit on the ground with your legs extended in front of you.
  2. Bend the right leg at the knee and place the right foot near the left knee, sole touching the ground.
  3. Twist the body at the hip and place your left hand on the ground near the right foot so that the right leg is between the left arm and the left leg.
  4. Place your right hand on the ground behind your back. Right hand should be straight and the head should be tilted towards the right. In this posture, the left foot, both the shoulders and right arm should be in one line. The weight of the entire body should be on the buttocks.
  5. Likewise practice on the other side of the body (left side).
  6. Breathe in while rotating your body. While coming to the normal position, breathe out.

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Vakra Asana Benefits

It exercises the spinal column and makes is ready for Semi-Spinal Twist. It is beneficial for the back pain, constipation, stiffness around the neck as well as various other spinal disorders.

Note : The Spinal Twist Posture (Matseyendra Asana – which is based on the name of Yoga practitioner Matseyendra, the teacher of another Yoga practitioner Gorakhnath), is one of the very useful Yoga posture. However, this posture (The Spinal twist Posture) being rather difficult to form, some persons are unable to practice it. Instead, they want to practice the Semi-Spinal Twist which is very simple and very important from medical point of view. As stated earlier, the Crane Posture prepares the practitioners for Semi-Spinal Twist.


Meditate on relaxing your muscles.

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