Vajrasana Steps, Benefits and Precautions


With the practice of this Yoga posture, the body becomes strong like a rock. That is why the Yogis have named this posture as Vajrasana or the Toughie. Here are we provide the Step by Step Guide of Vajrasana Yoga.

Step of Vajrasana – How to do Vajrasana

  1. Sit on the ground with your legs extended in front of you.
  2. With the help of your left hand, bend your left leg to place it under your hip. The heel should face outward and the toe should be touching your hip. The sole of the foot should face skywards.
  3. Likewise, bend your right leg. In this position, both the heels should be outside and the hips should be touching the ground.
  4. Place together both the knees and place your hands on them so that your arms are straight. Straighten your body, look forward, and deep breathe in.
  5. A few persons are not able to bend their legs so much that they can place their hips on the ground. Such persons should join the toes and place their hips on them. The heels should also be below the hips.

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Vajrasana Benefits

There are many benefits of Vajrasana. Some of them are mention below:-

  • Calf muscles are most important in the muscular system. Pressure on these helps in carrying impure blood towards the heart. Therefore, while on one side, purification of blood becomes faster, on the other, digestive organs become more active due to the generation of heat in the pelvic region nerves. Simultaneously, the static position helps in concentration.
  • With the practice of this posture, the body becomes strong like a rock. It brings longevity in life and improves eyes sight. The flow of semen becomes upwards. Toes, knees, calves, and legs get strengthened. This posture is very beneficial for those who have a tendency to sleep excessively.
  • This posture should necessarily be practiced for five minutes after the meal. After we have taken a meal there is downward pressure on all the cords of the body. This yoga posture results in upward pressure, thereby helping in easy digestion of the food. The nutrients extracted by the body from the food that we have eaten, become so pure that all the bones, muscles, and veins become strong like a rock Gherand, the sage, has thus written about this posture:-

The posture formed by the above method
Is called Vajra Asana
Because the body becomes strong like a rock
This posture also provides many divine powers.

Vajrasana Precautions

Vajrasana affects the calf muscles, nerves in the pelvic region, and Vajra Nadi, so if you have problems in these places then don’t do this asana.


While practicing this posture, meditate on the normal flow of breathing, If this posture is practiced with eyes shut, then this posture strengthens the mind. In this position, meditation may be placed on the energy center next to the Serpentine Energy Centre.

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