Uttaan Paadasana – The Posture of the Raised Feet

Uttaan Paadasana

In this Posture, legs and feet are raised above the ground while lying supine. That is why this posture is called the Posture of the Raised Feet. This posture reduces the fat around the stomach and makes the body shapely. In women, this posture removes the past-delivery loosening of the muscles of the stomach and results in strengthening the reproductive organs.

How to do Uttaan Paadasana

  1. Lie supine on the ground, keeping your arms close to your body so that the palms face downwards. Keep your arms and legs straight and heels of both the feet together. The toes should be spread outwards.
  2. Breathe in and raise both the feet to an angle of about 30 degrees above the ground.
  3. After remaining in this position (i.e. till you can hold your breath in), bring your feet back to the ground slowly, while breathing out.

This exercise can be repeated thrice.

(Note: Those having back pain or having suffered back injury or those who are very weak, should begin this exercise with only one foot raised. After some practice, they can raise both their feet together.)

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Benefits of Uttaan Paadasana

With this posture, the muscles of rectum become strong. As a result, complaints of the intestines, shifting of the navel nerve center and intestinal gas are removed. This posture activates the large intestine and removes constipation and obesity. Digestive system becomes strong.

In this position, the weight of the legs is on the waist, which beneficially affects the navel region, which is the center or around 72000 nerves. That is why this region is called as The Great Junction of Nerves. When this junction is at its proper place, the person is healthy. However, if it moves left or right, up or down or diagonally, then the person immediately beings to feel sick. As a result, there is stomach ache, intestinal gas, indigestion, loose motions and many other ailments. To bring this nerve junction at its proper place, The Raised Feet Posture is the best, which causes the nervous junction to come back to its assigned place.

Practice of the Raise Feet Posture has a beneficial affect on the micro organs of the body. As a result, it removes nervousness. Everyone can practice this posture easily.

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