Utkatasana – The Posture of Sitting on The Toes

Utkata Asana Yoga Pose

Utkatasana or Utkata Asana is a posture where you will see the weight of the body is on the toes and the body is raised above the ground. Therefore in Yoga literature, this posture has been named as the Posture of Sitting on the Toes.

Method of Utkata Asana

Sit on the floor with the weight of your body on the feet. Raise your heels. Then place both your heels together and let your anus rest on your heels. Thereafter, interlock fingers of both your hands and put them under your chin. Simultaneously, place your elbows on your knees. Now, try to move your knees upward while straightening your spinal column.

Forming this posture results in pressure on the base of the spinal column and the energy waves originating from this part start rising above. In this posture, meditation is done on the waist and upto the joint of the spinal column.

This posture causes increased supply of blood in the Thyroid gland, which is situated in the neck. Similarly, flow and pull of blood towards the brain increases. When blood supply to the brain increases, then the glands situated therein get strong. this posture is very beneficial to women. It reduces potbelly and many ailments of the stomach and uterus are removed. It also controls excessive bleeding and vaginal discharge. In women, the menstrual bleeding takes place after regular intervals and is of proper color. With proper lubrication in the body, the mouth, instead of being dry, becomes soft and lubricated. This posture makes the whole skin beautiful, attractive and brings a glow on the face.

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Regular practice of this posture results in killing of intestinal worms and the body become de-wormed automatically. This posture is beneficial for the patients of diabetes because this posture directly affects the pancreas. As a result of this, the pancreas start producing insulin. Practice of this posture relieves the pain in the back and knees.

Regular practice of this posture removes thousands of ailments. The Kundalini power, which takes the yogis to the ultimate top, is awakened by the practice of this posture. This posture also corrects the position of Navel Nerve Center, the shifting of which results in many ailments. This posture should be practised for one to five minutes.

Benefits of Utkata Asana

Practice of this posture removes the complaints of pain in toe-joints and the feet. The Basti Rituals* (Colon Cleansing) is also performed while remaining stable in this position. This posture is also very useful to practice celibacy (brahmacharya). Practice of this posture results in upward flow of semen. Uddiyana Bandha* can also be performed during this posture, which results in removal of all the ailments of the stomach. Basti Ritual* is impossible without this posture. Water Basti* or Air Basti* can be done while in this posture. Bajouli Ritual* cannot be done without this posture. This posture pulls the blood from stomach to the head with its pull action. Many yogis do the Nauli* Practice while in this posture. Therefore, this is one of the secret treasures of the yogis.


Meditate on the Manipooraka Chakra or Anahat Chakra. Meditate on the backbone & the point between the eyebrows (Trataka bindu).

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