Ustrasana – The Posture of the Camel


In this posture, the body forms the shape of neck of a camel. That is why the yogis have called this posture as the Posture of the Camel. Practice of this posture removes the weakness in the glands of the throat. It also provides flexibility to backbone and one of the well-known yoga exercises for lower back pain relief.

How to do Ustrasana

  1. Bend your legs at the knees and sit in the position of the Toughie Posture (Vajra Asana). In the beginning, there can be a gap of six inches between the knees/feet. Place your hands on your heels.
  2. Slowly straightening the legs above the knees, pull the stomach forward and tilt the waist, head and neck backwards.
  3. Breathing in, try to hold your heels with your hands.
  4. Remain in this position for some time and thereafter, slowly come out of posture while breathing out. After resting some time in Vajra Asana, repeat the activity again. This way, doing this posture thrice will be enough.
  5. In this posture, the weight of the body is put on the knees. Therefore, it is necessary to place a blanket or some other soft fabric under your knees.

Benefits of Ustrasana

Ustrasana posture affects the entire respiratory system. The chambers of the lungs become active. This posture is very beneficial for asthmatic patients. Moreover, this posture removes the debility of the glands in the throat.

This provides this posture removes the debility of the glands in the throat. This provides relief in frequently occurring sneezing and colds. Sciatica patients also find relief. Kidneys, testes and the reproductive organs of the women become strong. The muscles of back, the waist and the shoulders become strong and flexible. The back becomes more muscular. Obesity is removed and lungs become strong.

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Meditational benefits of this posture are miraculous. As the waves of consciousness rise above in the spine, wonderful and qualitative changes take place in the ever flowing electrical impulses in the mind. It is not easy for these waves to rise to the mind. One has to practice very hard for this. He, who is able to be successful in this endeavor, attains Yoga powers. Actually, the wave of consciousness, which is felt rising in the body, is the wave of heavenly and divine consciousness. The yogis with heavenly powers try to absorb this wave in the Mooladhar Chakra. If success is attained in this attempt, such a person is bestowed with a number of heavenly qualities.

Ustrasana Precautions

  1. Practice this posture facing in the East direction.
  2. Take care while bending your waist backwards. It will be only with some practice that your will be able to touch palms of your hands with some practice that you will be able to touch palms of your hands with heels of your feet. If you exert yourself too much, you may damage your spine and the resultant serious complications.


In the Posture of the Camel, meditation is placed on the spinal column. First of all meditate on the spinal column and the hip joint. Imagine that waves of consciousness are flowing upwards. In the beginning this mental exercise will have no effect. However, later you will feel that actually the life giving forces of consciousness are rising upwards. Continue practicing this posture. The aim of this meditation is to feel that that life giving force waves are reaching to the mind through the bone of the neck.

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