Udara Chaalana Aasana – The Posture of the Stomach Churning

Udara Chaalana Aasana

Udara Chaalana Aasana Method in 2 Parts

You can also practise this posture without holding your breath. This posture can be practiced for 10 to 20 times while moving your feet to the left and right.


  1. Spread a light cloth or mat on the floor and lie supine (facing upwards) n it. Keep your feet so apart that when you let your feet fall on to the left side, then the toes of your right foot will touch the heel of your left foot and vice versa. Now, spread your arms sideways, with toe hands touching the ground. Now close your fingers to form fists, taking care that the thumbs remain inside the fists and that the fingers face upwards. Breathe in and hold your breath- Now twist both your feet to the right side (right toe touching the ground). In this position your toes of your left foot should touch the heel of your right foot. Simultaneously, twist your head to the right and let your chin touch your left shoulder.
  2. Thereafter, let both the feet fall to the left side, with the right foot touching the heel of the left foot. Simultaneously , let your head fall down on to the right side and let your chin touch your right shoulder. Practice this posture (alternating between left side and right side) while holding your breath in till time which you feel comfortable. Thereafter, stop left and right movement and slowly breathe out. This process of inhaling and exhaling gives relief.

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  1. Spread a sheet of cloth on the floor and on it, lie facing upwards. Keep your knees, heels and toes together. Breath in and hold your breath. Now twist your feet to the right side so that the toes of your right foot touch the ground. In this position, the heel and toes of die left foot will be on top of your right foot. Simultaneously, let your head fall to the left side so that your chin touches the left shoulder.
  1. Now let both your feet fall to the left and let the toes of your left foot touch the ground. The heel and toes of the right foot will be on top of your left foot in this position. Simultaneously, rotate yur head to the right side so that your chin touches your right shoulder. Easily, till you can hold your breath, make these movements with your feet and head.
  2. In the end, stop movements of your feet and head. Breathe out and relax till your breathing becomes normal. Thus, one set of this posture will be over. Begin with one set and slowly increase this to three sets.

Note: You may also do Part II of this yoga posture without holding your breath (i.e.while breathing normally) for 20 to 25 times, depending upon your capacity.’ While you are breathing normally, you should relax your stomach. You can also keep your head in a fixed position, instead of moving it to the left and the right.

Benefits of Udara Chaalana Aasana

  1. This posture strengthens the muscles of legs, hips and stomach.
  2. This posture is beneficial in sciatica pain, complaints of the backbone and for removing obesity.
  3. This posture reduces the fat around the stomach and relaxes the nerves in the navel region, which is in the center of the body and is the central point of 72,000 nerves. Therefore, this posture is very beneficial to correct the position of the navel center.

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