Tittibhasana – The Posture of the Firefly

Tittibhasana Firefly Pose

If you are looking for yoga asanas who are good for the bones of your body then Tittibhasana is a perfect one. Through this yoga asana you can stretch your whole body.

How to do Tittibhasana

Sit on the ground. Raise your legs and Putting all the weight on your hands only, lift your entire body. This posture is called the Posture of the Firefly.

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Benefits of Tittibhasana

Practice of this posture is very beneficial for all the bones of the body. Muscles of whole body get strength. With the practice of this posture, the body becomes so strong that common ailments shy away from its practitioner. Likewise, this posture gives great strength to the yogis. Practice of this posture results in bodily, mental and spiritual strength. That is why this posture has its own importance.

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