Simhasana – The Posture of The Lion

Simha Asana

With the Lion Posture the body forms the outline of a lion. This Posture removes wrinkles from the face, improves blood flow in the face and the neck and Strengthens the muscles of the face and the neck.

How to Do Simha Asana

Place together the toes of both the feet in such a manner that you are able to sit on your heels. Thereafter, touch your chin with the hollow of your chest. Now, gaze into the space just beyond the tip of your nose and open your mouth as wide as you can. Then taking your tongue completely out and keeping both your hands on your knees, be stable. Take care that the heels are in proper position and no part of your body (other than your toes) is touching the ground. This position (in which you mouth is wide open, tongue sticking out and blank look in your eyes) has been referred to as the Lion Posture by the yogis. In this position Moola Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha and Jalandhar Bandha are automatically formed.

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Benefits of Simha Asana

Practice of this posture removes the wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. Besides this, the wrinkles which are formed on the face as a Person advances in age (the muscles of the neck also get loosened) are also removed. This posture is beyond any comparison so far as keeping the face in proper shape even in old age, is concerned. Women desirous of health and beauty can reap benefits from this posture.

This posture results in uninterrupted celibacy (Brahmacharya). Ailments of the mouth, teeth, tongue, jaw and neck and removed. This posture also helps the throat and clarity of voice. This posture is also considered beneficial for the eye sight. Practitioners of this posture receive power like a lion. In this position Moola bandha*, Uddiyana Bandha* and Jalandhar Bandha* are automatically formed. In hatha Yoga Pradeepika, the following has been mentioned regarding this posture-

The great yogis have praised Simhasana
Because all the three bandhas
are automatically formed in this posture.


Meditation should be placed at the points from which sound is produced from the throat, in the centre of the throat and on the heart.

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