What is the Purpose and Aim of Yoga

The Purpose of Yoga

Every type of Yoga has one aim: How can we get mental peace so that we can be mentally happy. In ancient times, Yoga was practiced merely to obtain moksha (Note: According to Hindu mythology, there are 8.4 million types of species this universe. One can take birth as a human being only after having taken birth and lived through all these species one by one. The Process by which one can avoid this long chain is called moksha’).

However, now a days, Yoga is understood in a wider connotation. Now, Yoga is practiced with two points of view – firstly, from ancient point of view of obtaining spiritual happiness and secondly, from worldly point of view. Worldly point of view here means bodily health or physical fitness. In this materialistic world, when human needs have increased manifolds, a person remains busy more in mental work than in physical work. Mental tension results in many mental illnesses, to cure which even medical science sometimes finds itself inadequate. While the medical science is busy researching and finding new medicines to old diseases, human beings are being threatened by new and hitherto unknown diseases. After paying a number of visits to the doctors, a person finds refuge under the umbrella of Yoga.

Foreigners have readily accepted this ancient body of knowledge. In contrast to India, countries like China, Japan, Russia, America, etc have presented a newer version of Yoga before the world, by linking it to sex and consumerism. Sexual tendencies are given to a human being by Mother Nature. This tendency is essential for reproduction of life. Life offers uncountable material things offering temptations. It is physically impossible to enjoy all these things. It is better to understand this fact and be satisfied with a fewer things.

Yoga, by giving us a message of patience and satisfaction, teaches us how to live a contented life. Only a true yogi can enjoy material things in a better way. To sum up, Yoga is an essential element for a successful and contented life. For lack of Yoga, both mind and body become a center of a number of diseases, due to which a man gets deprived of the scarce physical and spiritual happiness in life. A man can get desired result in life by adopting Yoga fully. Supreme happiness can be obtained through the knowledge and powers of Yoga. This information and power of Yoga is not otherwise easily available. With Yoga, a person rises above this material world and by visiting the micro world of spiritualism, attains supreme the knowledgeable and the man of action and told Arjuna, “A person attains the god through Yoga and, therefore, Arjuna, you also become a yogi.”

A yogi is better than a Person
Who worships :
A yogi is better than a person
Who is full of knowledge ;
A yogi is far better than a person
Who is a man of action
Therefore, Arjuna, be a yogi.

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