Pakshi Asana – The Posture of the Bird

Pakshi Asana - The Posture of the Bird

Another name for this posture is Bhoo Naman Asana (the posture of Bowing before the Mother Earth). In this posture, the whole body is bent and the ground is touched.

How to Pakshi Asana

Spread a sheet of cloth on the floor. Sit on it and spread your legs like the wings of a vulture. Now breathe in and rotate your waste from left to right, while alternatively touching your right hand with the toes of your left foot and then your left hand with the toes of your right foot. Do these movements quickly.

After doing these movements for ten to fifteen times, breathe out, straighten Your body and try to touch your head and chest with the ground in front of you. This posture can be practised three to five times.

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Benefits of Pakshi Asana

This posture cleanses the body by helping the body get rid of all the waste Products and toxins in the veins from head to toe. This yoga posture also provides relief in complaints of piles and urinary tract. This posture provides flexibility To the backbone. This posture also helps in curing a person of Arthroscopic

Cirrhosis, a disease which results in obstruction in the flow of blood and reducing the blood carrying capacity of the arteries.

Practice of Pakshi Asana results in making the body so flexible that the body Can be bent front and back, left and right and diagonally i.e. in any direction Without much discomfort. This posture reduces the breathing rate, which has been said to be very important from Yoga point of view. First, the breathing becomes deep but soon it becomes so slow that it appears that the person has stopped breathing altogether. Practicing this posture, automatically results in concentration of mind and the person reaches meditative stage very soon. Women are able to practice this posture more easily than men can. This posture should form one’s daily routine.

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