Paga Chalana Asana – The Posture of the Scissors

Paga Chaalana Asana

In this post we will discuss about the method and benefits of Paga Chalana Asana. Yoga Asanas Online work really hard to provide the information of this asana.

  1. Spread some doth on the floor and lie on it facing upwards. Lift your left leg and place on your right leg to form scissors-like position, so that toes of your feet touch each other. Breathe in and hold your breath. Now twist both the feet to the right side, so that the toes of the left foot touches the ground on the right side. Keep the little finger of the right foot joined with the little finger of your left foot. Simultaneously, twist your head to the left side so that your chin touches the left shoulder.
  1. Thereafter, twist both your feet to the left so mat the toes of the right foot touches the ground on the left side. The little fingers of the left foot should be kept touching the little finger of the right foot. Simultaneously, twist the head to the right side and let your chin touch the right shoulder. Keep on alternating between left and right twisting of your feet and head till you can comfortably hold your breath. Therefore, disengage your legs, straighten your head and breathe out slowly.

Thus, one set of the Scissors Posture is over. You can start with one set and slowly increase it to up to three sets.

Benefits of Paga Chaalana Asana

 This posture removes the gas from waist and from feet to legs and agitates blood circulation.

  1. This posture is beneficial in sciatica and complaints of the backbone.
  2. This posture is very beneficial for removing obesity.
  3. This posture is beneficial in complaints of the bones and the lungs.
  4. This posture removes the pain of the calfs muscles (the loose flesh on the back of your legs) very soon.

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