Padmasana Steps, Benefits and Precautions (Lotus Pose)

Padmasana Steps

Padmasana or Lotus Pose is one of the Hatha Yoga that has equally important as the other yoga poses. Here are we explain the steps of this pose with their benefits and precautions.

Steps of Padmasana

  • Be seated on the Asan, keeping the knee straight, joining the heels and toes together, stretching the toes forward, placing both the palms on the knees. Move the toes with force forward and backward, ten times. Loosen the feet. Join both the heels and toes. Give circular motion to the toes from right to left and thereafter in the opposite direction. Knees should be kept straight. Relax.
  • Lift the right leg. Supporting from below the knees with gripped fingers of both hands, start moving the leg as if it is moving with the paddle of the cycle. Repeat the circular moving from the left leg.
  • Straighten both the legs. Fold the right leg. Support the right knee with the right palm and the right ankle with the left palm. Swing the leg from right to left and left to right as far as possible. Repeat it from the left leg, keep the right leg straight, and the toe stretched. Relax.

Benefits of Padmasana

  • Gradually, circulation of blood towards the feet decreases; blood thus saved becomes available to the brain for meditation. By keeping the spine straight, blood circulation becomes perfect.
  • The least energy is spent on survival. The spending of energy is further reduced when thoughts are under control.
  • Ensures adequate supply of blood to the legs thereby capacity to sit in Padmasan for a longer period is developed.

Technique of Padmasana

  • Straighten both the legs. Join the heels and toes together; stretch the toes.
  • Folding the right leg, place the heel on the left side of the navel, folding the left leg place the heel on the right side of the navel in such a way that there is the least distance between the two heels.
  • Both the knees should touch the Asan. Both the hands are placed in Gyan Mudra Posture on the knees. Keep the neck and spine straight. Close the eyes gently.

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