Naukasana (Boat Pose): Steps and Benefits for Beginners

Naukasana Boat Pose

Naukasana is a posture of the boat and very useful to strengthen the lower body. Since this posture puts the body in the shape of a boat, that is why this posture has been named ‘The Posture of the Boat’. If you want to know how to do Naukasana posture then read the complete details here.

First Step & Method of Naukasana

There are 2 different methods of Naukasana and we describe both of them.

  1. Lie supine on a mat spread on the ground. The arms should be at the sides of the body (parallel to body) with the palms facing downwards.
  1. Breathe in and raise the legs and the feet approximately one foot above the ground. Likewise, raise the head, neck and the back approximately one foot above the ground. The only portion of the body that will be touching the ground will be the buttocks. The body will thus form the outline of a boat. Arms will be straight and at some distance above the stomach and near the knees.
  1. Remain in this position for a few seconds while holding in your breath.
  1. Breathe out and slowly let your body come to the ground. Relax your entire body. Practice this posture three to five times.

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Second Method of Naukasana

  1. Repeat the above posture. However, while you have formed the ‘boat’ outline, clench your fists with full force and make your body tense by trying to bring the raised feet close to the head, keeping them as straight as possible.
  1. Throw your legs and head back on the ground, while breathing out taking care that you are not hurt in the process. Then relax your entire body. This is a very powerful method to relax the full body in a very short time

Note: Maintain the raised position until you feel vibrations in the muscles of your stomach.

Benefits of Naukasana (Boat Pose)

This is a very good way to relax the muscles and joints. This yoga posture results in removing compression in the stomach and hips and improves health. This posture is beneficial in waist pain and diabetes. Practice of this posture gets the body easily rid the intestinal worms. This improves the digestive system and agitates the intestines and makes them active.

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