Mayurasana Benefits and Steps for Beginners

Mayurasana Benefits and Steps for Beginners

Since the body forms the shape of a peacock in this posture, that is why this posture is called the posture of the Peacock, and in Hindi, this yoga asana is called Mayurasana. The peacock has the capacity to digest poison. It is said that a peacock can eat the snakes and digest them.

The practice of Mayurasana makes the digestive system so strong that ordinary contaminated food does not have its poisonous effect on the body.

In this lesson, we will learn about the benefits and step by step guide of Mayurasana.

Mayurasana Steps: How to Do Mayuraasana

  1. Bend your knees and place them on the floor. Rest your hands on the floor, palms facing downwards.
  2. Putting the weight of the entire body on your elbows, first straighten your left leg and then the right leg. In this position, only the portion near the navel will be raised. The feet will rest on the ground.
  3. To balance the body, bend your chest forward. Once you are fully balanced, raise your feet. Thereafter, raise your head. In the last position, the feet and the head will he parallel to the ground.
  4. While doing so, breathe in and hold your breath. Remain in this position for five to seven seconds and then putting the toes down on the ground, breathe out. This time period can be extended to upto two minutes.
  5. While remaining in this position for a period till which you feel comfortable, first let your knees and then the elbows touch the ground.
  6. After the Shankha Prakshalana, the water that remains in the body is taken out with this posture. Since knees are bent and raised in this posture, the muscles of the anal region get relaxed.

In the beginning, Mayurasana can be formed by taking the support of a table or a bed. This way, you will be able to balance your body easily. You can remain in this posture for 20 to 60 seconds.

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Benefits of Mayurasana

This posture is considered best to improve the digestive system. When pressure is exercise at the point where the artery that carries the blood to the lower portion of the body divides into two parts, the blood flow stops partially.

As a result, there is an additional flow of blood to the digestive system. Therefore, the liver, pancreas, stomach, kidneys, etc become strong. This is a sure-short way to remove intestinal gas and constipation, In Yoga literature, this posture has been described as very advantageous.

Benefit of Peacock Pose

Benefits According to Hatha Pradeepika

Mayur Aasan removes ailments of the digestive system those who have taken excessive and heavy food Or those who are suffering from myopia or hypermetropia, must practice Mayurasana daily with the practice of this posture, one gets unlimited strength in arms and hands. This posture is also very beneficial for the lungs.

With the practice of this posture, even contaminated foods become like an elixir. The Yoga literature has gone to the extent of saying about this posture that those who can be in this posture for fifteen to twenty minutes are not affected by even the poison of a snake or a scorpion.

The peacock is considered to be one of the birds who eat excessively. Its digestive system is always active. Therefore, if a person practices Mayura Asana, then he can also activate his digestive system and get rid of all the ailments of the digestive system.


The whole attention should be given to balancing the body.

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