Mandooka Asana Yoga – Benefits, Steps of the Posture of the Frog


In this Yoga posture, since the body forms the outline of a frog, this posture is called Mandooka Asana – the Posture of the Frog. You can cure your Diabetes with the help of this yoga asana.

Steps – How to do Mandooka Asana

  1. Sit on a blanket with your legs spread in front of you.
  2. With the help of your left hand, bend your left leg and place the foot near the left side of the buttock. The heel should face outward and the toe will be touching the buttock. The sole of the foot will face upwards.
  3. Likewise, bend your right leg. In this position, the heels of both the feet will be sticking out and the buttocks will be touching the ground.
  4. Place together both your knees, clench your fists and place the same near your navel. Thereafter, while breathing out and looking in front of you, bend your back forward so that your chest touches the knees.
  5. Thereafter, breathe in and straighten your back. After some time, while breathing out, again touch your chest with your knees. This posture can be practiced thrice.

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Benefits of Mandooka Asana

This posture introduces unity between the body and the soul. The body becomes light. Those persons whose breaths are short i.e. who breathe quickly (more then 13 to 15 times per minute), must practice this posture.

This posture is a sure-shot remedy for high blood pressure and intestinal gas. Gases that have formed in the upper part of the body get expelled upwards. The gases that have formed in the lower part of the body get expelled downwards. As a result, the gases that have formed in the body are thrown out. This is the natural job of this posture. Therefore, this posture should be specifically practiced by those having the above complaints.

With the practice of the Mandookasana, the yogis get power to jump. Those persons who want to practice of jumping higher, must practice this posture. This posture helps in most of the ailments of the stomach and digestive system. Those with potbellies must practice this posture.

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