Koorma Asana- The posture of the Tortoise

In this posture, since the body forms the shape of a Tortoise, this posture is called Koorma asana or the Posture of the Tortoise.

How to do Koorma Asana

1. Bend your knees and place the same on the ground. In this position, your feet will be touching your buttocks. Make sure that the toes are touching the ground
2. Thereafter, clench your hands to form fists, place together your elbows and place them on you navel.
3. Take care that the palms will be facing upwards.
4. While breathing out, bend your back forward and remain in this position for some time.
5. Thereafter, straighten your back while breathing out. Practice this activity for three times.

Benefits of Koorma Asana

Koormasana posture removes the pain in the knees and increases appetite. This also results in concentration of mind. As a tortoise is able to contain its body organs inside its shell, in the same manner this posture enables a person to meditate on his inner self, rather than on the worldly charms. Due to the pressure of the elbows on the stomach, many ailments of the stomach are cured by practicing this posture. Those suffering from gastric problems must practice this posture.

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This posture is very beneficial for awakening the Kundalini (Serpentine Energy Centre) powers. This posture is very beneficial for those who feel excessive cold in winter because in the navel region resides the energy, which gets awakened due to practice of this posture. As a result, so much heat is produced in the body that the yogi is sweating even in biting cold. The yogis are not affected even when residing in the icy cold mountainous region. By practicing Koorma Asana, many ailments can be got rid of.


In this posture, meditate on the lower joint of the spinal column and imagine as if you are pulling the life force in the upward direction.

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