Go Mukha Asana – The Posture of the Cow

Gomukhasana - The Posture of the Cow

In this posture, the shape of the body becomes like the face of a cow. That is why this posture is called Go Mukha Asana i.e. the Posture of the Cow. This is a posture unique in its own way and is beneficial in many ways just like a cow is beneficial to the mankind.

How to do Gomukhasana

  1. Sit on the floor extending the legs in front of you. Bend the left leg and position it below the anus.
  2. Likewise, bend the right leg and place it on the left leg. Place the right knee on the left knee. Place the heel of the right foot on the hip joint. The toe of the left foot should touch the ground. In this position, both the knees will be touching each other.
  3. Bend the left arm at the elbow and raise it upward to left it touch the left ear. Bend the right hand, take it behind your back and touch and hold your left hand by making hooks with forefingers of both the hands. Therefore, interlock the fingers of both the hands.
  4. Then change the position of the hands and feet. Make sure that both the knees are touching each other at all times. Steady your gaze at the tip of your nose. The spinal column should be erect.
  5. In this posture, meditation will be on the Mooladhar Chakra or inhalation and exhalation process. The breathing should be normal.

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Thus, one complete cycle of this posture will be over. Initially, one should rest after 10-15 seconds of performing each cycle. Later, this duration may be increased to one minute. You should begin practicing this posture from one/two times and increase it to three/four times gradually.

Benefits of Go Mukha Asana

This posture benefits legs, chest, hands, fingers and the back. Lungs and other parts of the chest become strong and active. A few persons, particularly women, whose chest area is small or under-developed, may additionally benefit from this posture. This posture is especially beneficial for improving the beauty of the breast area.

Practice of this posture strengthens the feet, knees and waist. Arms and shoulders also become strong with this posture. The biggest advantage of this posture is that it helps getting rid of many ailments of the lungs. Those suffering from asthma and tuberculosis must practice this posture because during the first-half cycle of this posture, air supply to one lung gets restricted and the other lung becomes more active. Similarly, during the second-halt cycle of this posture, the situation is reversed. Therefore, this posture works as cleansing the lungs and increasing the blood supply therein. A person is able to absorb Oxygen in a quantity more than he normally does. This way, this posture quickly cleanses the 15 million pores of the lungs. That is why the yogis have stated that his posture is beneficial for one and all.


In this posture, meditation is placed on the breathing activity and the waves of consciousness passing through the spine.

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