Eka Pada Artha Dhanurasana – The Posture of the One-Foted Bow

Eka Pada Ardha Dhanurasana
How to do Eka Pada Artha Dhanurasana

  1. Lie supine. Bend the knees and let them touch your hips.
  2. Raise your arms, bend them at elbows and let your palms touch the ground near your shoulders Keep a gap of one foot between your feet and the same gap between your hands. This way, you will be able to properly balance your body to do this posture.
  3. Breathe in and raise your body upwards. Then raise your left leg and try to straighten it up. In this position, the weight of your entire body will be on the hands and right leg.
  4. Let your body come back to the ground slowly, while breathing out. Rest for a while and repeat this posture, this time raising your right leg. It will be sufficient to practice three to six sets of this posture.

Benefits of Eka Pada Artha Dhanurasana

  • This posture provides flexibility to backbone and lower back pain. Those with flexible backbone remain ever youthful.
  • Those having pain in waist, shoulders, neck and hip joints find this posture very beneficial to them.

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