Brahmacharyasana – The Celebate


Practice of this posture helps in sexual abstinence and observing celibacy. That is why the Yogis have named this posture as Brahmacharya Asana.

How to do Brahmacharya Asana

Sit on the ground while placing your bent knees in front of you.Thereafter, spreading your feet outward, place your hands on your knees. Your buttocks and anus will rest on the ground. Breathe in and keep sitting peacefully. To reap added benefits from this yoga posture, this posture may be practiced after the meal or when about to retire. (Note : Yoga literature contains certain postures, which may be practiced even after meals).

Benefits of Brahmacharyasana

The practice of this posture soon results in upward flow of semen, whereby the warmth of the blood vessels between the anus and the urinary outlet (Seevni Nadi) Gets reduced. As a result, ailments like wet dreams, premature ejaculation, etc are cured. Those having frequent wet dreams, must practice this posture before going to bed for five to ten minutes. Practice of this posture results longer penile erection and mental concentration.

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