Bhadrasana – The Gentle One


In this posture, bend your legs at the knees and place the heels of your feet between the anus and the scrotum. Thereafter, hold left toe with your right hand and right toe with your left hand.

How to do Bhadrasana

Thereafter, form the Jalandhar Bandha and look at the tip of your nose. Gherand, the sage, has written:

Bend your legs at the knees and sit comfortably. Thereafter, hold the toes of the left foot with the right hand and that of the Right foot with the left hand. Perform Jalandhar Bandha, and While looking at the tip of your nose, practice this posture. Many bodily ailments are remored woth the practice of this posture.

In yoga literature, one more method of Bhadra Asana has been given. While sitting in the above Bhadra Asana, place both your hands on your forelegs. This posture is also called Bhadra Asana. It is also said that whether you keep your arms straight or hold the toes of your feet, the same amounts to Bhadra Asana. The only difference is that Jalandhar Bandha (described in detail elsewhere in this book) is not performed in this method.

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Benefits Of Bhadra Asana

This posture results in increasing appetite. Pelvic region and muscles of ti knees get flexed, thereby strengthening the knees and the calf muscles. Practice of this posture is also beneficial to the spinal column. This posture is also very beneficial for the lungs. From the point of view of meditation also, this posture has been considered good, because when you concentrate on the tip of your nose, it automatically results in concentration and meditation.


Meditate between the point in the center of your eye brows.

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