Ashwa Asana – Benefits, Variations of the Posture of the Horse

Ashwa Asana

In Sanskrit, Ashwa means the Horse. After putting in hard labour for the whole day, the horse gets rid of all his tiredness and obtains renewed energy in just a few minutes, simply by moving its legs in one direction and the head and the neck in the other direction. Thus he is again ready for work. That is why this posture is called ‘The Horse Posture”.

This is the single most important posture, which has so many advantages which are not available in any other single Yoga posture. That is why Devmurti, the great sage has called this posture as the master of all the Yoga Postures.

How to do Ashwa Asana

  1. Lie on a sheet of cloth, facing upwards. Bend both the legs at the knees, join the feet and the knees of both the legs and spread the arms at right angle to your body. Forms fists with your hands the keep these fists under your head.
  1. While breathing in, rotate your knees to the left side and die head to the right side so that the chin touches the right shoulder. Remember that the feet are to be kept placed together.
  1. Now, twist your body as you twist the towel to squeeze it dry. Then come to the normal position while breathing out. Now, breathing in again, rotate your knees and head in the opposite direction.
  1. Breathe in while practicing this posture and breathe out while this posture is nearing completion. Rotating the knees to the left and then to the right, forms one complete set of this posture. You can practice five to ten such sets. This posture can also be practised while keeping a gap of 18 to 20 cms between the feet.

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Benefits of Ashwa Asana

Those suffering from constipation should practice this posture 25 to 50 minutes after drinking naturally cold or warm water and thereafter visit the toilet. They will find relief in constipation. If this posture is practiced when one is feeling lazy or run down, then one feels rejuvenated and energetic. If this posture is practiced before going to bed, then one gets deep sleep. When this posture is done daily, then the navel nerve centre, if it has moved away from its natural position, comes back to its natural position. As the age of person advances, he gets a hunch back (bent back). One can delay onset of old age by performing this posture. Even the bent back becomes straight again. Therefore, this is one of the important Yoga postures.

This posture gives a new life and renewed energy to those who are living in big cities. Most of the families use foam mattresses, which have considerably increased the number of complaints of the neck and the backbone. One can get rid of complaints of the backbone, waste, back, slipped disc, sciatica, spondylyis, etc with the help of this posture.

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