Ardha Pada Angusta Asana – The Posture of Touching the Raised Toes

Ardha Pada Angusta Asana

How to do Ardha Pada Angusta Asana

Ardha Pada Angusta Asana is a yoga posture who known for touching the raised toes. This is one of the subordinate postures of the Wheel Posture. Sit on the ground, raise your feet and hold the toes of both the feet with your hands. Thereafter raise the lower part of your back and be stable Remember the entire length of your legs should be straight. Remain in this position for a few moments.

Benefits of Ardha Pada Angustha Asana

This yoga posture removes the sciatica pain. Practice of this posture enable the women to deliver painlessly. This, being a subordinate posture, properly positions the muscles and nerves. It balances the body. Although this posture is easy to practice, yet it has many small but far reaching benefits.

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