About Us

A large number of websites in Hindi & English have been online related to Yoga. Most of these websites have been keeping in view those who plan to exclusively devote themselves to Yoga.

Nature has provided the human body with inherent powers to heal it. However, the problem is that we have distanced ourselves so much from Mother Nature by our artificial way of living, that even She finds it helpless to come to our rescue.

Although it is not possible for the common man to completely give up this materialistic world and move to the mountains and the caves, eat just raw fruits and raw vegetables, walk many kilometers barefoot, etc. But the least that we can do is to live as close to nature as is possible under the circumstances i.e. live in houses that are airy, make green salads a part of our meals, find opportunities to walk, etc.

The Theory of Evolution tells us that those parts of the body, which a creature does not use for centuries, get eliminated from the body with the passage of time. In human beings, the tail is an example.

The other day We were reading an article on ‘Restless Leg Syndrome’ (many people usually complain about pain in the loose flesh on the back of the leg) and we learned that a muscle, called ‘calf muscle’ is so rarely used by us that it will soon become extinct in our body. In fact, we draw from this knowledge?

All the body parts (and it includes the mind) must get a proper workout on a daily basis so that there is proper blood circulation, adequate supply of Oxygen, and timely removal of toxins trapped therein. That is why we launched this website and provide yoga information, yoga tips as well as a large number of yoga asanas for your healthy life.